If you can recommend any shops in particular, please do send me an E-Mail at martin at gadgets dot co dot nz

Sourcing parts from within New Zealand

Looking for fixed-gear parts in New Zealand? Pickings are few and far between. If you know of a shop that caters well for fixed-gear bicycles in your area, please let me know! I'll add it to the list.

In Christchurch, the Cycle Trading Company have a great deal of experience with older bikes, and they seem to cater well for the unusual; fixed-gear conversions, recumbent, penny farthings, etc. Their prices seem lower that other local shops too, which is an added bonus.

If you are after second hand parts then Around Again Cycles on Ferry Rd. might be worth a look. They have hundreds (or is that thousands?) of old bikes to scavange parts from.

Velo Espresso, once again in Christchurch have some nice parts that would look good on a fixed-gear.

Parts from the USA

Looking overseas, Harris Cyclery in the US will ship to little old NZ for around US$30. They have a minimum order of US$100, and delivery takes around two weeks. They will not ship large items (frames, rims, etc.) and I'm sure heavy items will cost more. As an example, the last package I received from them cost US$30 for postage and measured 32x26x8cm. How is it that buying retail from the US can work out so much cheaper than buying locally?!

It's a great shame that the well known and liked Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery in the US has passed away. He was a great source of inspiration both for this site and the First Gear cycling software.

Parts from the UK

Hubjub in the UK will also ship to NZ. They have some very nice parts, but are probably not the place to shop for bargains. Rumour has it that packages up to 2 kg cost only 15 UKP for postage.


Not fixed-gear, but Techbikes at Barrington mall in Christchurch sell some really nice electric bikes from Grace as well as the Techwheel electric unicycle.

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